John Little, aka "George Milton"

Con Artist, Gutter Mage, Habitual Drunk and Demonologist


Class: Wizard (Abjurer)/10
N Male Human (Werewolf)
27 years old

HP: 56 (Defensive Mote: 25 HP)
AC: 13 (17 with Mage Armor)
Initiative: +2
Speed: 30 feet
Background: Charlatan


  • Eldritch Blast +7 (2d10 force damage)
  • Dagger + 7 (1d4+3 piercing damage)


  • Strength: 17 (+3)
  • Dexterity: 15 (+2)
  • Constitution: 12 (+1)
  • Intelligence: 20 (+ 5/ +9)
  • Wisdom: 15 (+ 2/+6)
  • Charisma: 17 (+3)


  • Sleight of Hand* +6
  • Arcana: +8
  • History: +8
  • Investigation: +8
  • Deception: +7
  • Perception: +10


  • Keen Senses
  • Low-Light Vision
  • Transformation: Resistance to nonmagical weapon damage but only in hybrid form. You suffer a level of exhaustion after a transformation. Transforming fully takes 10 minutes. It’s loud. Being reduced to 0 HP in human form causes an involuntary transformation and gain 1d6 temporary HP, but takes on CE characteristics.


  • Arcane Ward: When you cast an abjuration, you simultaneously use a strand of the spell’s magic to create a magical ward on yourself that lasts until you finish a long rest. The ward has HP equal to double your wizard level + your Intelligent modifier. When you take damage, your ward loses HP instead. When you cast another abjuration, the mote regains HP equal to double the spell’s level.
  • Projected Ward: When a creature that you can see within 30 feet of you takes damage, you can use your reaction to cause your arcane ward to absorb that damage. If this damage reduces the ward to 0 HP, the warded creature takes any remaining damage.
  • Improved Abjuration: When you cast an abjuration spell that requires you to make an ability check as a part of casting a spell (as in counterspell and dispel magic) you add your proficiency bonus to that ability check.


  • Disguise Kit, Forgery Kit
  • Lucky (Feat): Three Luck Points.


  • Ring of Spell Storing: Current spells: Counterspell (3), Mage Armor (1), Magic Missile (1)
    This ring stores spells cast into it, holding them until Milton uses them. The ring can store up to 5 levels worth of spells at a time. Any creature can cast a spell of 1st through 5th level into the ring by touching the ring as the spell is cast. The spell has no effect, other than to be stored in the ring. If the ring can’t hold the spell, the spell is expended without effect.


  • Cantrips: Mage Hand, Eldritch Blast, Message, Prestidigitation, Minor Illusion, Light, Mending
  • 1st Level: (4/day) Arms of Hadar, Magic Missile, Mage Armor, Alarm, Charm Person, Sleep, Protection from Evil & Good, Color Spray, Illusory Script, Identify, Disguise Self
  • 2nd Level: (3/day) Misty Step, Melf’s Acid Arrow, Scorching Ray, Mirror Image, Knock
  • 3rd Level: (3/day) Fireball, Dispel Magic, Lightning Bolt, Remove Curse, Counterspell
  • 4th Level: (3/day) Banishment, Evard’s Black Tentacles, Mordenkainen’s Faithful Hound, Dimension Door, Phantasmal Killer
  • 5th Level: (2/day) Bigby’s Hand, Mislead, Cone of Cold, Modify Memory

Milton walks with an air of swagger and confidence, though he’s always alert to his surroundings. He’s got a day or so worth of stubble, short blonde hair and dull blue eyes that seem imply that he knows more than he lets on. He wears gentleman’s clothes, but they’re weathered and tattered, and over that he wears a well-worn trenchcoat. A cigarette almost perpetually hangs from his mouth.

George Milton is a shady conman and gutter mage who volunteered to join Elizabeth’s company as they journeyed east, seeking the country of Barovia. Knowledgeable of the eastern culture, in addition to allegedly knowing of their culture and dialects, Milton was quick to earn a spot on the team despite his sarcastic, cocky demeanor.

Milton tends to spend his time chatting up locals and pulling cons on them for some extra coin, using his magic to rig the games his way. He doesn’t play well with others, but his skill and occult knowledge have made him invaluable to Elizabeth as they journey to Barovia.

John Little, aka "George Milton"

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