Countries of the World

The world, referred to as “Oerth”, contains many exciting and interesting places. The following is a record of the more important or well-known countries and the continents where they can be found.


Western Oceania

Western Oceania is the region comprising the western part of the Oceanic continent. It is considered to be the most industrialized, civilized and socially and economically important places in the world.

  • Onea
  • Kingdom of Parse
  • Republic of Orlais
  • Antiva
  • Tiberium Holdings
  • Indus
  • Sorma
  • Malania: Home to the only royal family of Halflings in the world.
  • Capraht
  • Nevarra
  • Kingdom of Bastionia
  • United Kingdoms of Albion:
  • Cormyr (UK)
  • Cambria (UK)
  • Rivain (UK)
  • Moorland (UK): Home of the Dales, where the clans of Dalish Elves dwell still.

Central Oceania

This region comprises several formerly expansive empires and perhaps some of the oldest civilizations to exist in Oceania. While not the economic powerhouses they once were, they nonetheless remain culturally influential. The Imperial Tongue, upon which much of the modern Common language is based, was birthed in what is now the country of Florin.

  • Florin
  • Evega
  • Tionne
  • Empire of Ramosc

Eastern Oceania

This region comprises the eastern reaches of Oceania. This region is not as industrially, socially or economically developed as the western or central nations. In fact, much of this area is still very medieval in society. The east is largely unexplored and is considered very dangerous.

  • Opridenik
  • Silverfell
  • Styalenuth
  • Lamelloth
  • Albia
  • Calthoras
  • Ricasa

North Arcadia

North Arcadia lies across the ocean west of Oceania. A young continent settled only two hundred years ago. In that time, it has shown remarkable growth and tenacity.

  • United Territories of Ferelden
  • Canadia

South Arcadia

South Arcadia was settled a few decades after the north. Ethnically and geographically different in many different ways, modern South Arcadia has a strong Nevarran and Caprahtian influences.

  • Marexo
  • Aztica

The Border League

The Border League comprises a region in the east, where the Empire of Cormyr once held major sway, mostly for sugar plantations and abandoning prisoners. These are mostly large islands and chains of archipelagos.

  • Astrea
  • Mantaer

Countries of the World

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