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  • Alenko

    Alenko is charismatic, amicable and has a deep love of wine and merry-making. He is knowledgeable about the Barovian countryside and has a very solid grasp on the Common tongue. He is accepting of outsiders and as such often travels to Barovia village …

  • Esmerelda d'Avenir

    Esmerelda is the former apprentice of Dr. Rudolph van Richten. She is an exiled vistani who turned her back on her people to follow Van Richten to destroy the vampire Strahd. Things didn't go well. She was turned into a Vampire Spawn by Strahd and is …

  • Madame Eva

    Madame Eva is a beautiful but cold woman, wise beyond her years. She has an almost otherworldly aura and her clairvoyant ability makes it difficult to be among others. She is not the most open person and tends to speak cryptically, and in riddles. She …

  • Radu

    Radu is quiet and observant, though he did not interact with the others much. He is not particularly talkative, especially to outsiders; he's not as fond of outsiders as Alenko seems to be. Radu has a bad habit of staring at people.

  • Sorva

    Sorva is quiet and soft-spoken with a love of poetry and dance. He does not usually go to the villages or towns with Alenko, only going this time because one of the usual guys was unable to go at the time due to an injury.

  • Arabella

    Arabella is a sweet young girl who is surprisingly mature for her age. As a vistani, she is poised and cool in the face of danger. She does not have a lot of friends, as her role as a seer makes it difficult to interact with or relate to other kids her …

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