Yuri Krazkov

Burgomaster of Krezk.


Male Human (Borovian)
50 years old

In the Campaign:

Chapter 7: Mad House of St. Markovia
The Burgomaster was first introduced when he told off a guard for denying Elizabeth’s party entrance when they had children. Yuri ordered the doors open and greeted the newcomers himself. He brought Elizabeth and the children to his manor, sent her friends to other houses across the village and sent Milton to the Abbey of St. Markovia.

He and Elizabeth discussed the state of Krezk as the kids settled into the house. He was worried about the village, which had been slowly dying from sickness and tainted water since the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind had disappeared months before.

He basically ended up entertaining the entirety of the visitors for the next day or so.

After the events at the abbey and the disappearance of the Abbott himself, the burgomaster was enraged and agreed with her solution to destroy the abbey over the next week.


Yuri, unlike other burgomasters in Borovia, seems to be a good man with sympathy in his heart for outsiders and those in need of aid. He is a strong and brave man, willing to die to protect his people.

Living in isolation, Yuri is like a medieval lord and expects to be treated with respect as such. He is a kind man and a forgiving one, but if his wrath is stirred things can get really ugly.

Yuri Krazkov

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