Yevgeni Krushkin

Slightly talkative wolf hunter.


Male Human (Barovian)
33 years old

In the Campaign:

Chapter 4: City of False Smiles
Yevgeni and his best friend Szoldozar were present at the Blue Water Inn the night Elizabeth and her company arrived at Vallaki. They drinking and did not interact with the party.

Chapter 5: Festival of the Blazing Sun
He and Szoldar had very strong opinions about the wolf-infested woods surrounding Vallaki. The pair seemed to think that they had little to no chance of surviving outside the city.

Yevgeni attended the parade with his family and witnessed Elizabeth’s arrest.

At the Feast of St. Andrel, Strahd attacked and massacred those in attendance. Yevgeni fought back to protect his family but his wife and son died in the violence. Yevgeni and Szoldar teamed up with Ismark Kolyanovich to fight back and get revenge. When Ireena stabbed Ismark under Strahd’s orders, however, Yevgeni broken down and surrendered.


Yevgeni and his friend Szoldozar are local hunters from Vallaki who frequent the Blue Water Inn. Together they roam the wooded hills around Vallaki hunting wolves and selling the meat and pelts for a living, and their work is dangerous and bloody. Both men are grim and have haunted looks in their eyes.

These two are dour fellows who rarely pass up an opportunity to make a little money. He is a skilled tracker with some skill with a spear, who adds a new swatch to his wolfskin pelt every time he makes a kill.

Yevgeni is not quite so quiet as his friend Szoldozar, willing to speak with the locals and outsiders alike. He speaks briefly and directly, not afraid to be blunt with others. He is superstitious and is reluctant to venture more than a few miles from the city.

Yevgeni is devastated at the loss of his family and has started to drink himself into a stupor because of it.

Yevgeni Krushkin

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