Viktor Vallakovich

Edgy son of the former burgomaster of Vallaki.


Male Human (Borovian)
21 years old

In the Campaign:

Chapter 5: Festival of the Blazing Sun
Viktor was sent to the Blue Water Inn by his mother to invite her to a tea-and-sandwich party. He seemed very put-off and exasperated with the whole ordeal. When pressed, he insisted that he hated going to his mom’s parties (which he was forced to go to almost every day) and that his parents didn’t understand him.

Viktor welcomed Elizabeth to the party and then just kind of stood in the room so his mother could show him off to the eligible bachelorettes, which he hated.

During the parade, Viktor went with his family but he totally hated it. His father’s betrayal of Elizabeth absolutely disgusted him.

He was later approached by George Milton, who convinced Viktor to help him break Elizabeth and the party out. Viktor agreed, mostly to piss his dad off.

During the escape, Izek heard their escape and he told them to go to his sweet lab and use the teleportation circle to escape while he held off Izek. That last about two seconds; Izek put Viktor in a headlock for like, three minutes before Viktor cracked.

At the Feast of St. Andrel, Strahd did not kill Viktor along with the rest of his family. No one knows why he did this and afterward, Viktor locked himself in the Vallakovich house and hasn’t come out since.


Viktor is edgy and deep and dark and stuff. He hated his parents, who don’t understand him.

He works in his laboratory making “magic spells”, “teleportation circles” and teaching “pupils” which are actually just Blinksy dolls he dresses up and lectures and occasionally punishes.

Viktor is off-putting, a little creepy and kind of a douche.

Viktor Vallakovich

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