Urwin Markitov

Owner of the Blue Water Inn and Wereraven King.


Male Wereraven (Borovian)
40 years old

In the Campaign:

Chapter 4: City of False Smiles
Urwin was working the bar when Elizabeth and company arrived in Vallaki. He set them up with rooms and gave them the basic lowdown on the Happiness Laws.

The next day, he brought them food and gave them some basic directions around town.

Chapter 5: Festival of the Blazing Sun
One of Urwin’s wereraven scouts spotted Milton readying to leave town so, the night before the festival, went to Milton himself to tell him that Hans was on the verge of being hung and it was likely the Baron was conspiring against Elizabeth.

Urwin and his family were present in the town square during the parade; they were forced to be there because of their children. They watched in horror as the Baron arrested Elizabeth and her company, and hung Hans.

While Danika arranged their safe house, Urwin tried to find them a way out of town.

He was not present for the Feast of St. Andrel, as he had to look after the Blue Water Inn and was devastated to learn of the massacre. He and Danika helped lead the recovery effort. He told Elizabeth that the city was blaming Elizabeth and her friends and it would be safest for them if they left town as soon as they could. He promised to look after Elizabeth’s injured friends over the night.

The next day, he presented the party with some small provisions and bade them a fond farewell as they left for Lake Zarovich.


Urwin is a big teddy bear, despite being a wereraven. He is generous and helpful to the poor and disenfranchised when he can be, doing what he can to make life easier for the people living in Vallaki.

He is quick to smile and share a joke, a rare thing in Borovia. He is the people person between he and his wife, working the bar, talking with people and brewing the beer. He also does most of the cooking.

Urwin Markitov

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