Trodor Janicovich

Resurrected paladin who worships Elizabeth as a goddess.


Class: Paladin/5
LG Male Human
28 years old

HP: 40
AC: 18 (+4 Chain Shirt, +1 Dex, +2 Shield, +1 Fighting Style)
Initiative: +1
Speed: 30 ft.
Background: Soldier


  • Longsword +7 (1d8 + 4 piercing/slashing damage)
  • Shortbow +4 (1d6 + 1)
  • Silvered Spear +6 (1d6 + 4)

Extra Attack


  • Strength: 18 (+4)
  • Dexterity: 12 (+1)
  • Constitution: 14 (+2)
  • Intelligence: 10 (+0)
  • Wisdom: 11 (+ 0 / +3)
  • Charisma: 15 (+ 2 / +5)


  • Land Vehicles
  • Card Gaming Set


  • Athletics +7
  • Intimidation +5
  • History +3
  • Persuasion +5


  • Divine Sense: Detect the presence of fiends, celestials and undead.
  • Lay on Hands: Heal 20 HP throughout a day, recharge with a long rest. (Heal 5 x level worth of HP)
  • Fighting Style: Defense (+1 AC when wearing armor)
  • Divine Smite: Trade a spell slot for +2d8 radiant damage, plus an additional +1d8 radiant damage per spell slot level above 1st.
  • Divine Health: The divine magic flowing through you makes you immune to disease.

The oath of devotion binds the paladin to the loftiest ideals of justice, virtue and order.

Channel Divinity (one use/can use after a rest)

  • Sacred Weapon: As an action, you can imbue your weapon that you’re holding with positive energy by using your Channel Divinity. For 1 minute, you add your Charisma modifier (+2) to your attack rolls made with that weapon. The weapon also sheds light in a 20-foot radius like a torch and then dim light for another 20 feet. It’s also considered magical if it isn’t already. You can dismiss it as a free action. If you are not holding or carrying the weapon, or if you’re knocked unconscious, you lose this effect.
  • Turn the Unholy: As an action, you can present your holy symbol and speak a prayer censuring fiends or undead, using your Channel Divinity. Each fiend or undead that can see or hear you within 30 feet of you must make a Wisdom saving throw. If the creature fails its saving throw, it is turned for 1 minute or until it takes damage.


  • Honesty: Don’t lie or cheat. Let your word be your promise.
  • Courage: Never fear to act, though caution is wise.
  • Compassion: Aid others, protect the weak and punish those who threaten them. Show mercy to your foes, but temper it with wisdom.
  • Honor: Treat others with fairness and let your honorable deeds be an example to them. Do as much good as possible while causing the least amount of harm.
  • Duty: Be responsible for your actions and their consequences, protect those entrusted to your care, and obey those who have just authority over you.



  • 1st Level: (3/day) Bless, Cure Wounds, Searing Smite, Command;Protection from Evil & Good, Sanctuary
  • 2nd Level: (2/day) Magic Weapon, Branding Smite; Lesser Restoration, Zone of Truth

Trodor Janicovich

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