Strahd von Zarovich

The Devil of Ravenloft and Master of Borovia.


Male Vampire
Hundreds of years old

In the Campaign:

Chapter 1: Welcome to Borovia
The event that kicked off the events of Curse of Strahd, specifically the coded letter Elizabeth received, was written at Strahd’s demand and sent to Elizabeth to lure her to Borovia.

Small signs of the vampire’s presence appeared throughout the chapter. A brush of the cheek, a small gust of wind, a cold spot, eyes in the mirror, strange dreams calling Elizabeth to him.

When the company arrived in Borovia proper, he sent Rictavio to pick them up in his black carriage.

Chapter 2: Death House
Elizabeth and her company discovered that the valley was ruled by “The Master of Ravenloft”, a looming, horrible figure that nobody ever referred to by name, for fear he would come and get them. The villagers all reacted with terror, running away in a panic whenever anybody brought him up.

The party met with Ismark, who tells them how Strahd had visited his sister Ireena twice to feed on her, in an effort to make her into his newest consort. Ismark feared for her safety and the entirety of Elizabeth’s descent into the Durst House was done in an effort to hide Ireena from him.

Elizabeth, seeing the evil and madness and misery of the cursed realm, swore to destroy Strahd.

Strahd appeared in person during Kolyan’s funeral, throwing Alistair through a gravestone, compelling Calos to stand down and melting Elizabeth’s sword with a touch. The vampire seemed more amused by them than anything.

Strahd demanded they turn over Ireena to him and they all refused, claiming they would have to kill all of them first. Not only that, but they had secured an amulet that could keep the vampire out of her head. Strahd, delighted, decided that this company was too amusing to slaughter right off the bat and decided to acquiesce; he would not kill them today. With a final glance to Elizabeth, Strahd vanished into the fog.

That night, he went to Elizabeth in a dream. He called her Tatyanna and claimed that nobody would keep her from him.

Chapter 3: The Fortune Teller
Elizabeth met with the vistani seer Madame Eva for a way to destroy him. A tarokka reading revealed that Elizabeth would need to gather three artifacts and an ally to defeat him. The cards also revealed their final battle would take place in “a place of darkness where the morning light once shone—a sacred place”.

Chapter 5: Festival of the Blazing Sun
Strahd appeared leading a group of vampires and a host of vampire bats attacked the church during the Feast of St. Andrel. He led a massacre of those in attendance, killing the Baron by ripping his heart out, breaking the Father’s neck and decapitating the Baron’s wife. A few people stood up to him, but that stopped when Strahd compelled Ireena Kolyana to stab her brother to death (Ismark survived, though).

Strahd left the church, where he then had an encounter with Elizabeth’s group. Strahd dispatched of each of Elizabeth’s allies before confronting her, mocking her cause and kissing her before he vanished back to Castle Ravenloft.

Chapter 6: Old Bonegrinder
Strahd appeared in Elizabeth’s dreams, in a mist-shrouded graveyard. He tries to lure her elsewhere in the graveyard but she resisted and did not give him what he wanted.


Strahd is the lord and master of his realm. He rules with absolute authority, slaughtering and burning to the ground anyone who would stand against him. The curse over Borovia can only be broken with Strahd’s destruction.

Strahd is vampire, and he knows what he is: a predator, more monster than man. He feels neither pity nor remorse and does not suffer anguish or wallow in indignation. Strahd von Zarovich is the master of his own fate.

He can be seductive and subtle when he chooses to be. Those who possess great cunning or beauty amuse Strahd for a time—playthings to possess and discard as he desires.

He has a strange connection to Elizabeth that seems to surpass both time and space. He is obsessed with her and will stop at nothing to have her. So far, everything is happening according to his plan.

Strahd von Zarovich

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