Stella Wachter

Crazy cat lady; daughter of Lady Wachter.


Female Human (Barovian)
22 years old

In the Campaign:

Chapter 3: The Fortune Teller
Elizabeth has a dream that foretold their meeting when she heard what sounded like a cat scratching at the door.

Chapter 5 Festival of the Blazing Sun
Stella was seen meowing around the hall during dinner at Lady Wachter’s House. No real explanation was given.


Stella Wachter is the youngest child and only daughter of Felicia Wachter. Stella is not loved by her daughter and since “failing her one job” has been locked in her room.

Stella grew up sheltered and afraid. Always a strange girl who was awkward and strange around people, Stella had few friends. Her mother tried to force her into marrying Victor Vallakovich, but the young man frightened her with his obsession with the occult, and she unsettled and disgusted him. So toxic were his words to her that Stella’s already fragile psyche snapped.

Since that day about a year ago, Stella has been locked in her room, meowing and pretending to be a cat.

Stella Wachter

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