A quiet vistani and cousin to Alenko.


Male Human (Vistani)
26 years old

In the Campaign:

Chapter 2: Death House
Sorva was among the three Vistani present when Elizabeth and company arrived at the Blood of the Vine Tavern their first night in Borovia. He was there with Radu and his cousin Alenko on a mission to meet with the owner of the local mercantile.

Sorva did not speak with Elizabeth’s people, but he did regard them with curiosity for a few moments.

Chapter 3: The Fortune Teller
Before they could leave, Sorva came down with the flu, necessitating them to put off leaving the village for the Tsere Pool camp for more than a week.

Sorva seemed embarrassed and apologetic of his sickness, constantly apologizing for it the day they made for the camp.

At the party, Sorva hung out with Milton and later gave a strange lock to him.


Sorva is quiet and soft-spoken with a love of poetry and dance. He does not usually go to the villages or towns with Alenko, only going this time because one of the usual guys was unable to go at the time due to an injury.


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