Rictavio Raffovich

Servant of Strahd.


Male Human (Borovian)
Age Unknown

In the Campaign:

Chapter 1: Welcome to Barovia
Rictavio arrived at the gates of the valley and welcomed them to Barovia.

Chapter 2: Death House
Rictavio gave them a ride to Barovia Village in the black carriage. He spoke to them very cryptically before dropping them off a mile from the village because “the horses don’t the village. It unsettles them”.

He reported to Strahd about the party and apparently didn’t speak very highly of them.


Rictavio is shady, sly, cunning, grungy and bitter. A ruthless sadist who longs and obsesses for Strahd’s approval above all else.

He hates the party and strongly desires to kill one of them.

Rictavio Raffovich

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