A vistani with a habit of staring.


Male Human (Vistani)
34 years old

In the Campaign:

Chapter 2: Death House
Radu was among the three vistani present at the Blood of the Vine Tavern the night they arrived in Borovia Village. He did not speak with them, but he watched Elizabeth from his seat the entire night.

When the group was at the tavern the next day, Radu again spent most of the time watching Elizabeth.

Chapter 3: The Fortune Teller
Radu did not appear during the week Sorva was sick with the flu, but was mentioned by Alenko as taking turns looking after Sorva.

He went along with Alenko and Sorva during the journey to Tsere Pool and was the only one of the three not to interact with the party in some way; he kept his distance and eyed them during the journey.

During the party at the camp later that night, Radu drank quietly by himself while everybody had a good time.


Radu is quiet and observant, though he did not interact with the others much.

He is not particularly talkative, especially to outsiders; he’s not as fond of outsiders as Alenko seems to be.

Radu has a bad habit of staring at people.


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