Pennyworth Fandango

Scholar and friend to the Talbot family. Elizabeth's benefactor.


Male Halfling
55 years old

In the Campaign:

Chapter 1: Welcome to Barovia
Pennyworth Fandango, a professor of literature at the University of Cormyr Yorke, was first alerted to his old friend Edward’s predicament a when the letters stopped. Pennyworth did his best to comfort Elizabeth, who he saw like a niece himself.

Then, two years later, Elizabeth showed Pennyworth a strange, coded letter that read “Help” and “Barovia”. Pennyworth determined Barovia must be where Edward had gone but the pair could not find it on any map, not even the old maps at the university.

So, after some discussion, Pennyworth agreed to arrange and finance a journey to send Elizabeth and a band of adventurers to Eastern Oceana to find Barovia and bring Edward home.

Over two days, Pennyworth and Elizabeth met with a very colorful assortment of potential adventurers. While he and Elizabeth had very different opinions, they eventually decided on a group of six to accompany Elizabeth.

Pennyworth met Elizabeth at the Yorke docks the morning she left and have her the gift of a shirt of Mithral mail. He watched her boat leave the docks and stayed until her boat was a speck vanishing over the horizon.

A little over a week later, while the party was staying in a village in Albia, a Dretch demon took the form of Pennyworth as it tried to break into Elizabeth’s room.


Pennyworth is a sweet, doting and caring old halfling. He’s also very grumpy. The halfling is very intelligent and proper, and has little patience for those who act too familiar with Elizabeth.

He was once a thief who adventured and traveled with Edward Talbot and the swordsman “Santiago Montoya”. Pennyworth was once a cocky and reckless young halfling, until he was crippled by a Stone Giant, effectively ending his adventuring career.

Despite his proper demeanor, he longs for adventure and wishes he could have accompanied Elizabeth on her journey and he prays for her every night.

Pennyworth Fandango

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