Nikolai Wachter

Mischief-maker, money lender and son of Lady Wachter. New Treasurer of Vallaki.


Male Human (Borovian)
28 years old

In the Campaign:

Chapter 5: Festival of the Blazing Sun
Nikolai and his brother Karl mocked Viktor Vallakovich for being a mamma’s boy at the Blue Water Inn when the son of the Baron arrived to extend Elizabeth an invitation to his mother’s tea and sandwich party.

Later that night, at his mother’s dinner with Elizabeth and her friends, Nikolai decided to skip dinner and go drinking with Karl.

Nikolai and Karl, like their mother, elected to skip the parade, though they went to the Feast of St. Andrel at her insistence. When Strahd arrived, the vampire and his minions avoided the Wachter’s entirely.

After the baron’s death, Nikolai’s mother was promoted to Burgomaster by Strahd himself. Nikolai was named the new Treasurer by his mother.


Nikolai and his brother are both known to be local troublemakers and ruffians with a love for wine and mischief.

He is rarely home during the day, because his older brother convinces him to go out drinking with him, though it isn’t that hard an argument because even Nikolai, who is kind of a mamma’s boy, can’t listen to her prattle on about the Vallakovich family all day.

He spends a lot of time drinking at the Blue Water Inn with his brother Karl, or wandering around town getting into some kind of trouble or another.

Karl is the face and the brawn, while Nikolai is the brain between the two. He has a mind for business and money, and while a bit awkward around people, he isn’t especially shy.

His natural inclination toward money and background as a moneylender, makes him uniquely suited to being the town’s money manager.

Nikolai Wachter

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