Lady Lydia Petrovna (Deceased)

Wife to Baron Vallakovich.


Female Human (Borovian)
37 years old

In the Campaign:

Chapter 4: City of False Smiles
Lydia Petrovna, wife of Baron Vargas Vallakovich, greeted Elizabeth when she arrived to speak with her husband concerning Hans’ imprisonment. Lydia led Elizabeth to the den and offered her a drink, all while seeming nervous and terrified.

She left, relieved, when Elizabeth relented about the water. She heard Elizabeth speaking with her husband when she returned and decided not to go inside.

Chapter 5: Festival of the Blazing Sun
Lydia invited Elizabeth to her home the day before the Festival for tea and sandwiches, and also to make decorations for the party. Elizabeth was stuck there working for 5 hours.

She attended the parade and was present when Elizabeth and company were arrested. During their escape some time later, she initially refused to let them escape into the attic. However, Varric kissed her and somehow that convinced her to let them go and cover for them.

Lydia also attended the Feast of Andrel’s Feast. She was among the many who were slaughtered by Strahd and his vampires when they ambushed the feast.


At the risk of sacrificing her sanity, Lydia embraced her husband’s philosophy of happiness. She laughed at every comment, to the extent that it became a nervous reflex, and she tried to spread good cheer by throwing daily tea-and-sandwiches parties in the parlor for her “dearest friends”, many of them poor folk who tolerated the whole thing only because they craved something warm to eat and drink.

Lydia was a gods-fearing woman and the younger sister of the local priest, Father Lucan Petrovich. She was in denial about how much she hated and feared her husband.

Lady Lydia Petrovna (Deceased)

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