Izek Strazni

Enforcer and right hand man for Baron Vallakovich.


CE Male Human (Borovian)
36 years old

In the Campaign:

Chapter 4: City of False Smiles
Izek arrived at the Blue Water Inn the night Elizabeth and her company arrived. He issued a few vague threats to a visibly upset Varric about “malicious unhappiness” before taking a seat and keeping an eye on the people present.

Izek later came by the Inn the next day to issue the proclamation announcing the Festival of the Burning Sun.

At town square, Izek attacked Varric for “malicious unhappiness”. Hans tried to help and more guards jumped in. During the fight, Izek knocked Varric out (though not before the bard cut a gash into his cheek) and killed a guard, framing Hans for the incident.

He brought Hans before the Baron, who put the witch hunter into the jails beneath his manor.

Chapter 5: Festival of the Blazing Son
Izek had a passing conversation with Elizabeth when she arrived for the tea-and-sandwich party. He had summoned Blinksy to the house, angry to hear his Elizabeth dolls were destroyed. It’s unknown what he did or said to Blinksy.

Izek later accompanied the Baron, his family and Elizabeth to the Town Square for the festival’s parade and stood with them on the stage as the Wicker Sun was brought in. When Varric laughed at the baron, Izek tied him to the Baron’s horse. Elizabeth and her company surrendered to save Hans (who was hung anyway, to Izek’s delight) Izek shackled them all and brought them to the jails under the Baron’s manor.

He brought Elizabeth a new dress and mocked her a bit when he did so.

After Elizabeth’s company escaped, Izek tracked them down to a warehouse in the labor district, where he killed the three wereravens tasked with guarding it. When the party left to confront the Baron at the Feast of St. Andrel, Izek and his men ambushed them. While the party made quick work of Izek’s men, the henchman himself put up quite the fight, nearly taking down several of Elizabeth’s men before he was killed by a spell from Duo that sucked him into some sort of black hole.


Izek had a history of violence as well as the ability to summon fire into his open hand. Not a great combination for our heroes and it proved a potent weapon against them.

He relished in violence and the fear he created, often attacking or framing townsfolk for no reason other than to satiate his boredom or bloodlust. He was a skilled combatant, able to incapacitate Varric and hold his own against Elizabeth’s entire company for quite a while.

For reasons unknown, he commissioned Blinksy to create dolls that looked like Elizabeth every month for the past eight years. Since he had died, nobody will ever know why he did that.

Fear of Izek kept most dissenters in Vallaki at bay.

Izek Strazni

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