Ismark Kolyanovich

Brother of Ireena, talented swordsman and shrewd businessman.


Male Human (Borovian)
25 years old

In the Campaign:

Chapter 2: Death House
Ismark was among those present the night Elizabeth’s company arrived in Borovia Village. He observed them from afar, noting their strange attire, accents and weapons.

The next day, he asked around about the newcomers and discovered they, too, had been asking strange questions all around the village. He approached them at the Blood of the Vine that afternoon and bid them come to dinner so they could speak about a gravely important manner in private.

That night, he told them of his sister Ireena’s encounters with Strahd and his father’s efforts to keep Strahd at bay, efforts that led to his death. He bid them go to the Durst House and bring back both the treasure Kolyan was going to find and his father’s body itself. He promised them passage to Vallaki if they were to succeed.

Over the night, Ismark sat in the Study with a glass of wine while Alistair protected his sister, trying to keep his nerves calm while evil banged and clawed and howled.

The next day, after Elizabeth’s company returned successful, he and Elizabeth met with Father Donavich about holding a funeral for Kolyan.

Afterward, Ismark and Elizabeth discussed Strahd. When Elizabeth voiced her intention to kill the vampire, Ismark told her she could not come with them to Vallaki for fear of reprisal, but promised he would help them however he could.

Ismark was present during the funeral and when Strahd’s zombies arrived, Ismark helped fight them back, fighting alongside the gravedigger Doru.

After the battle, Ismark bequeathed his family’s manor to Elizabeth before setting out to Vallaki via carriage with his sister Ireena, hoping to start a better life.

Chapter 5: Festival of the Blazing Sun
Ismark and Ireena had been staying in a small one-bedroom house in north Vallaki when Elizabeth and her company arrived. Ismark was surprised to hear from Ireena that Elizabeth had been at the tea-and-sandwich party thrown by the Baron’s wife and was delighted—if a bit nervous—to hear she would be coming for dinner. He would be lying if he’d said he wasn’t disappointed to hear she had to cancel.

Ismark and Ireena were in the crowd when Elizabeth and her friends were arrested, and stormed into the Baron’s manor to try to appeal on Elizabeth’s behalf. The Baron, a smug and horrible man, refused them and threatened to do worse to them if they didn’t back down.

Ismark was unwilling to let that stand and so he and Ireena went to the Feast of St. Andrel, with the intention of once again trying to bargain with the Baron no matter what. These plans were interrupted with the arrival of Strahd.

Strahd and his vampires massacred those in attendance. Ismark sent Ireena to defend the children while he used the family blade to fight off the vampires, alongside local wolf hunters, a wereraven (!) and others. Ismark stood his ground against Strahd, defying the vampire, until his sister—compelled by Strahd—stabbed him nearly twenty times. Ismark passed out, shocked and betrayed, in a puddle of his own blood, cradled in his screaming sister’s arms.

When Ismark woke the next morning, Ireena told him about everything that happened and how Elizabeth saved him and that Santiago Montoya, a Nevarran circus ringleader, would take them to Krazk.

The next morning, Ireena and Ismark said their goodbyes to Elizabeth’s group. Ismark said a special goodbye to Elizabeth and confessed his love for her. He gave her his family ring as a token of affection and they parted fondly.

Chapter 7: The Mad House of St. Markovia
Montoya’s wagon was waiting outside the gates of Krezk when Elizabeth and her friends had arrived with children in tow. Ismark and Montoya were out hunting at the time, though, and missed it.

Elizabeth eventually negotiated with the Burgomaster to allow everybody inside and Ismark and Ireena stayed in the burgomaster’s manor along with everybody in Elizabeth’s company. He helped around town, cutting firewood and doing chores around the village and started a sort of friendship with Duo.

The night Elizabeth went with the Company to the Abbey St. Markitov, Ismark offered to go with them to the Abbey to help them but she rejected his assistance. He was very upset by this but hid his disappointment relatively well. He spent his night helping the Burgomaster with anything he needed as a means to keep his mind busy.

He was present when Elizabeth’s company returned and told their story to the burgomaster.


Ismark is calm, cool and collected despite his horrific circumstances. A shrewd politician in his own right, he has never held much love for Barovia Village, refusing the title of Burgomaster following his father’s death in favor of protection and looking after his sister Ireena.

Ismark is a good man and has shown himself to be quite brave. He is afraid of Strahd, like most of Barovia, but is more afraid about Strahd taking Ireena from him. Ismark will die before he lets the vampire do that.

He’s a relatively skilled swordsman. He is no soldier, but he was classically trained by his father for years.

Though he hasn’t know her long, Ismark loves Elizabeth and, in different circumstances, would pursue a marriage to her in the Barovian tradition.

Ismark Kolyanovich

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