Ireena Kolyana

Sister of Ismark and friend to Elizabeth's company.


Female Human (Borovian)
20 years old

In the Campaign:

Chapter 2: Death House
Ireena met Elizabeth and her friends when they came to their estate for dinner. She proved a lovely hostess and was polite to the party during the meal.

It was revealed Strahd had been feeding on her and Ismark wished to take Ireena to the city of Vallaki, where he hoped he could better protect her. But they could not leave before they found the artifact their father died trying to retrieve from the Durst Estate. Ireena thanked them profusely when they agreed to fetch it for her.

Alistair stayed behind to protect her through the night while the others went down to the Durst estate. The two bonded while the evils of Borovia pounded, wailed and scratched outside their door.

Ireena tended to the returning heroes throughout the next day, and attended the funeral service for her father that afternoon.

During the attack by Strahd’s zombies and swarms of bats, Ireena panicked and screamed the entire time.

After the battle, badly shaken by the experience, Ireena left with her brother to start their new life in Vallaki.

Chapter 5: Festival of the Blazing Sun
Ireena attended the tea-and-sandwich party Elizabeth had been invited to, much to Miss Talbot’s surprise. The two had a brief but happy reunion before enduring the tea party together. After which, Ireena explained she and Ismark were renting a small house in town but were quickly coming to hate the city; they were contemplating trying to move again, this time to Krazk, to the west. She invited Elizabeth over for dinner, an invitation Elizabeth would later be forced to rain check.

Ismark and Ireena were in the crowd when Elizabeth and her friends were arrested, and accompanied Ismark to the Baron’s manor to try to appeal on Elizabeth’s behalf. The Baron, a smug and horrible man, refused them and threatened to do worse to them if they didn’t back down.

Ismark was unwilling to let that stand and so Ireena went with him to the Feast of St. Andrel, with the intention of once again trying to bargain with the Baron no matter what. These plans were interrupted with the arrival of Strahd.

Strahd and his vampires massacred those in attendance. Ireena took the children and hid in a back room, protecting them with a knife, while Ismark brandished the family sword and fought alongside local wolf hunters and others willing to stand up and defend themselves and their families.

During the fighting, however, somebody removed Ireena’s necklace and Strahd compelled her to stab Ismark multiple times, which she did in a stupor.

Strahd left and when Elizabeth arrived at the church, she found Ireena sobbing over her brother’s mostly-dead body. Elizabeth used her new sorceress powers to bring Ismark back from the brink of death and comforted Ireena.

Ireena took great comfort in Elizabeth and later in an old Neverran circus man who came to the church to help in the aftermath; a man named Santiago Montoya. The two spoke and Montoya agreed to take Ismark and Ireena to Krezk.

The next morning, Ireena and Ismark said their goodbyes to Elizabeth’s group. She said a special goodbye to Alistair, who she kissed on the cheek and gave him a token of her affections; a pink scarf.

Chapter 7: The Mad House of St. Markovia
Ireena and the others were waiting outside the gates of Krezk when Elizabeth and her friends had arrived with children in tow. Ireena greeted them with fond surprise and explained that they had been there for days now, but the guards were unwilling to let anybody inside.

Elizabeth eventually negotiated with the Burgomaster to allow everybody inside. Ireena agreed to wait for Montoya and Ismark (who were hunting) and Alistair waited with her. Just in case.

Ireena and Ismark stayed in the burgomaster’s manor along with everybody in Elizabeth’s company. She mostly helped Anna, the burgomaster’s wife, keep the house tidy with so many guests, and also helped her cook.

Ireena spent a lot of downtime with Alistair, as well. The night Alistair went with the Company to the Abbey St. Markitov, she prayed the entire night, until they all arrived home. When the group discussed the horrors the Abbot had unleashed in that cursed place, Ireena was among the group, mostly sitting near Elizabeth for emotional support (she made her a cup of tea, for example).


Ireena is a quiet, polite young lady with a deep love for her family and both a fear and fascination of the vampire Strahd. She finds her thoughts wandering to the Devil of Ravenloft from time to time, and she dreamed of him more than she would ever admit. She cannot explain the strange draw she feels toward him, though this has lessened considerably since she received the Amulet from the Durst House.

Ireena feels that Elizabeth and her company of misfit adventurers are her friends. She likes Elizabeth very much and finds herself admiring and even trying to emulate her in many ways. Miss Talbot is brave and tenacious, and she even if she’s afraid, she doesn’t back down from a fight. Elizabeth even stood up to Strahd, something very few people in Borovia have done and lived to tell about. Ireena wants to be more like her. Out of the entire group, however, she is closest to Alistair, who sat with her the night Elizabeth’s company went to the Durst Estate. She finds herself thinking of him more and more, and has even dared to imagine a world in which she could call him hers. That is nothing more than a silly dream as long as Strahd is in power, she knows. But it’s hope and that’s worth something.

Ireena is not a warrior, but after the dangers they have found themselves in, Ismark has started to teach her how to wield a weapon and went so far as to buy her a small axe before they left Vallaki. Tired of feeling helpless and useless, Ireena is following Elizabeth’s example: she is going to train hard and take that power back, however she can.

Ireena Kolyana

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