Hans the Red

Stoic Witch Hunter with a Heart of Gold.


Class: Paladin/10
LG Male Human
30 years old

HP: 96
AC: 16
Initiative: +1
Speed: 30 ft.
Background: Urchin


  • Khopesh + 9 (1d8+5 slashing damage)
  • Dagger + 9 (1d4+5 piercing damage)
  • Handaxe + 9 (1d6+5 slashing damage)
  • Extra Attack: Make a second attack when you take the full attack action.


  • Strength: 18 (+ 4) / 20 (+5)
  • Dexterity: 12 (+1)
  • Constitution: 15 (+2)
  • Intelligence: 13 (+1)
  • Wisdom: 14 (+ 2/+6)
  • Charisma: 20 (+ 5/+9)


  • Sleight of Hand +5
  • Arcana +5
  • Religion +5
  • Investigation +5
  • Insight +6
  • Intimidation +8


  • Divine Sense: Detect the presence of fiends, celestials and undead.
  • Lay on Hands: Heal 45 HP throughout a day, recharge with a long rest. (Heal 5 x level worth of HP)
  • Fighting Style: Defense (+1 AC when wearing armor)
  • Divine Smite: Trade a spell slot for +2d8 radiant damage, plus an additional +1d8 radiant damage per spell slot level above 1st.
  • Divine Health: The divine magic flowing through you makes you immune to disease.
  • Aura of Protection: Whenever you or a friendly creature within 10 feet of you must make a saving throw, the creature gains a bonus equal to your Charisma modifier (+5 in this case). You must be conscious to grant this bonus.
  • Aura of Courage: You and friendly creatures within 10 feet of you can’t be frightened while you are conscious.

The oath of vengeance is a solemn commitment to right wrongs.

Channel Divinity (one use/can use after a rest)

  • Abjure Enemy: As an action, you present your holy symbol and speak a prayer of denunciation. Choose one creature within 60 ft of you that you can see. That creature must make a Wisdom save unless it is immune to being frightened. Fiends and undead have disadvantage on this saving throw. On a failed save, they are frightened for 1 minute or until it takes damage. When frightened, its speed becomes 0 and can’t benefit from any speed benefits. On a successful save, their speed is halved for 1 minute.
  • Vow of Enmity: As a bonus action, you can utter a vow of enmity against a creature you can see within 10 feet. You gain advantage on attack rolls against them for 1 minute or until it drops to 0 HP or lower.
  • Relentless Aveger: Your supernatural focus helps you close off a foe’s retreat. When you hit a creature with an opportunity attack, you can move up to half your speed immediately after the attack and as part of the same reaction. This movement doesn’t provoke opportunity attacks.


  • Fight the Greater Evil: Faced with a choice of fighting my sworn foes or combating a lesser evil, I choose the greater evil.
  • No Mercy for the Wicked: Ordinary foes might win my mercy, but my sworn enemies do not.
  • By Any Means Necessary: My qualms can’t get in the way of exterminating my foes.
  • Retribution: If my foes wreak havoc in the world, it is because I failed to stop them. I must help those harmed by their misdeeds.


  • Gauntlets of Ogre’s Strength: These gauntlets increase your physical strength to a score of 20.


  • 1st Level: (4/day) Bless, Command, Detect Evil & Good, Divine Favor, Wrathful Smite, Protection from Evil & Good, Heroism; Bane/Hunter’s Mark
  • 2nd Level: (3/day) Magic Weapon, Lesser Restoration, Branding Smite, Aid, Zone of Truth; Hold Person, Misty Step
  • 3rd Level: (3/day) Aura of Vitality, Crusader’s Mantle, Dispel Magic, Magic Circle; Haste, Protection from Energy

Hans is tall and muscled, but even his frame belies his surprising strength, which is derived from training and magical enhancements. He dresses simply and like most Antivans; comfortable, sturdy enough for travel and combat and dark blues, maroons and browns. He is quiet and contemplative, usually opting for polite observation to action.

Hans is a newly christened Witch Hunter, possessing supernatural abilities for spotting, fighting and killing Hags, Witches and other spellcasters who abuse their power or hurt innocents.

Hans learned to hate Hags and their ilk when he and his sister Greta were lured into a Hag’s hut (illusion magic made Hans and his sister think the house was made of ginger bread). There, they were imprisoned and stuffed, and Greta was eventually eaten. A Witch Hunter drove the Hag away, but chose to save child Hans instead of killing the Hag. The hunter took Hans in and trained him, and now that he’s on his own, Hans hopes to track down the Hag and avenge Greta so her spirit can rest.

While kind and slow to anger, Hans is a man of conviction; he has no issues with Duo or Milton (a Warlock and Wizard, respectfully) as long as they don’t hurt people. He has no qualms about putting them down if they do, allies or not.

Hans is polite and tries his best to make the others in the group feel safe and he enjoys listening to them, even Varric (to a point; the bard tends to get on his nerves). He is not a violent man, preferring to negotiate or reason with others before drawing his blade. Once his weapon is in hand, though, he is always prepared to use it.

Hans the Red

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