Gadof Blinksy

Jovial, oblivious toymaker.


Male Human (Borovian)
33 years old

In the Campaign:

Chapter 4: City of False Smiles
Elizabeth and Alistair came upon Blinksy while he and his monkey Piccolo were putting on a show for a large crowd. After they dispersed, he met Elizabeth and Alistair, who brought them back to his workshop and showed them his collection of disturbing toys, including a doll that looked remarkably like Elizabeth.

When confronted, Blinksy revealed that he had been making the dolls to those specifications for the Baron’s right-hand man, Izek Strazni, every month for eight years. He became upset and confused at her reaction, not understanding why she was so angry and terrified.

Later that night, Blinksy was drinking vodka in his apartment above the shop as Milton and Elizabeth snuck in to burn the Elizabeth dolls. Milton accidentally knocked over every shelf in the store in an improbable chain reaction and Blinksy charged down. Distraught, drunk and enraged at the sight before him, he drew a giant crossbow, demanding to know who Milton was.

Milton managed to take Blinksy down with a well-timed sleep spell.

Chapter 5: The Festival of the Blazing Sun
Elizabeth paid Blinksy a visit the night of the incident in his workshop. She apologized to the sobbing man and gave him a chest with 50 platinum pieces—worth 500 gold pieces—to compensate him for what she and Milton had done. This act of charity brought Blinksy to tears, any hard feelings water under the bridge.

The next day, Blinksy was summoned to the Baron’s Manor by Izek. While waiting, he greeted Elizabeth, who was surprised to see him there. Blinksey was brought upstairs by Izek before Elizabeth could find out too much. What was said or done to him during that time is unknown.

Blinksy was in the crowd during the Parade and watched in abject horror as Elizabeth and her friends were arrested. He went back to his workshop, sullen at these turn of events and drank until he passed out. Thus, he was not present during the St. Andrel’s Feast Massacre.

Montoya paid Blinksy a visit the next morning to tell him he was leaving town. Blinksy was sad to see him go, but Montoya told him that Urwin and Danika Markitov were friends of his and good people; he promised the toymaker they would look after him while Montoya was gone and the circus ringmaster promised he’d come back one day.

In the wake of Montoya’s visit, despite the carnage, Markitov Blinksy’s strange optimism returned and came to serve the children of the city during the clean up, as he entertained and comforted the city’s children.


Blinksy is jovial, oblivious and loves to laugh. He is a heavyset man who wears a moth-eaten jester’s cap.

He calls himself the “wizard of tiny wonders”. For the past eight years, he has been working on a series of disturbing, creepy toys in an effort to contribute to the Baron’s Happiness campaign. He believes that the Baron is right and works hard to make toys children can enjoy. He doesn’t do a lot of business; most of his business as of late has been making decorations for the Baron’s festivals.

His only friend is Piccolo, a capuchin monkey given to him by Santiago Montoya, a former circus ring-leader from Nevarra who took pity on the poor toymaker. Blinksy deeply likes and respects Montoya and possesses a deep loyalty to him.

Gadof Blinksy

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