Fiona Wachter (Deceased)

The new Burgomaster of Vallaki and secret leader of a demonic cult.


Female Human (Borovian)
73 years old

In the Campaign:

Chapter 5: Festival of the Blazing Sun
Fiona contacted Elizabeth and her people after the events at the tea party, coming to them as fellow enemies of the Baron and she invited them to dinner to speak of “matters most treasonous” in private.

At dinner, Fiona spoke of her deep-seeded hatred of the Baron’s family line and her desire to drive him from power. She also insisted Strahd was a hero and professed a deep loyalty and affection for the vampire. Deciding there was something up with her, the party agreed to visit her “book club”, which was actually a secret demonic cult worshiping a pagan bull god called Baphomet. She sent them home afterward with veiled threats should word of her cult be exposed.

Fiona was present during the events of the Blazing Sun Parade in the town square.

She was later present at the Feat of St. Andrel and her entire family was spared by Strahd’s massacre. He actually personally appointed Fiona the new burgomaster after he slaughtered Baron Vallakovich and his wife, a reward for her good service.

Fiona, now the new burgomaster of Vallaki, has started work on cleaning up in the wake of Strahd’s attack and hasn’t exactly said or done anything to change the idea that Elizabeth and her people were somehow connected to Strahd’s arrival.


Lady Fiona Wachter is a stern, cold and severe woman. She makes no secret of her family’s long standing loyalty to the von Zarovich family. She believes Strahd is no tyrant but, at worst, a negligent landlord. She happily now serves as the Burgomaster of Vallaki, a position she has jockeyed for for decades.

Fiona Wachter (Deceased)

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