Father Grigori Donavich

Priest of the Barovian House of the Morninglord.


LG Male Human (Barovian)
50 years old

In the Campaign:

Chapter 2: Death House
After Elizabeth and her company retrieved the body of former burgomaster Kolyan Indirovich from the depths of the Durst Estate, Elizabeth and Ismark met with Father Donavich, who agreed to an impromptu funeral service that afternoon. Both were insistent the service take place before sunset.

Father Donavich led the service as they set Kolyan’s casket in the ground. But just as they began to place the dirt atop the casket, an unnatural fog rolled in and a swarm of bats and zombies attacked the funeral party, led by the vampire Strahd himself. While Elizabeth’s company, Ismark and Donavich’s son Doru battled the zombies, Father Donavich hid behind a tree and prayed.

When Strahd and his minions left the graveyard, Donavich angrily told Elizabeth and her company to leave his church and never return, calling them cursed and a blight upon the village.


Father Donavich is a quiet, pious man, as well as a bit simple. He cares for his community, however lost they all may be and does his best to help the people of Barovia Village when and however he can.

He is very superstitious and despite his soft heart, is deathly terrified of Strahd.

Father Grigori Donavich

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