Esmerelda d'Avenir

The former apprentice of Rudolph van Richten.


Female Vampire Spawn (Borovian)
23 years old

Chapter 7: The Mad House of St. Markovia
Esmerelda sent in a group of zombies to attack Elizabeth’s party on their way to Krazk to distract them as she isolated Elizabeth in the woods away from her friends and attacked her, demanding to know where Van Richten was and claiming Elizabeth’s silver rapier was actually originally hers. Elizabeth did not know anybody by the name, but Esmerelda was convinced she was lying, beating Elizabeth to within an inch of her life before a pack of werewolves chased her away.


Esmerelda is the former apprentice of Dr. Rudolph van Richten. She is an exiled vistani who turned her back on her people to follow Van Richten to destroy the vampire Strahd.

Things didn’t go well. She was turned into a Vampire Spawn by Strahd and is planning to use her to taunt and kill the vampire hunter.

She is now cruel and merciless and desperate for revenge against her former mentor.

Esmerelda d'Avenir

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