Elizabeth Talbot

Courageous, kind and tenacious, Elizabeth might be the best hope Barovia has.


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Elizabeth is a beautiful, tender hearted girl who possesses a surprising degree of tenacity and courage. Her wardrobe is rather modest, consisting of a small assortment of simple dresses and a pair of worn laced boots. She wears no jewelry save for a tarnished gold locket which contains a miniature portrait of her Mother. Elizabeth is gentle in demeanor and compassionate, with an especially big place in her heart for children and those who cannot defend themselves. She despises tyranny above all else and believes that all people have a right to freedom.

Elizabeth hails from a modest upbringing and was formerly involved in helping her Father with his work as a lawyer who defended those who could not otherwise afford counsel. She did not attend school as a child, but was raised on the numerous books in her Father’s library and is well educated as a result. Though somewhat naive about the world outside Yorke, Elizabeth is keenly observant and a good judge of character.

Elizabeth is an agile fighter who tends to favor a rapier. She is light on her feet and graceful, treating each movement in battle as a step in a dance. More recently, she has discovered her heritage as a sorceress and has been shown to have a natural aptitude for wild magic. Her magic, while raw and unfocused, has proven to be devastating to her opponents. So far, she seems to have a natural aptitude for evocations and enchantments.

Two years ago, Elizabeth’s Father left on business “out east” without so much as a word of where he was going or who had hired him. Elizabeth received several letters from her Father at first and then, for an entire year and a half, she received nothing at all. When Elizabeth finally received another letter full of strange rambling and fond recollections of events which had not taken place, she recognized it as a cry for help. From the letter, she managed to decipher two words: “Barovia” and “help”. Shortly after, her Father’s long time friend and former adventuring companion helped Elizabeth arrange a party to travel with her in search of her Father and Barovia, a place which did not appear on any map.

Since she has arrived in Barovia, Elizabeth has been searching tirelessly for her Father and a means to end the monster who holds the people in Barovia in an iron grip of terror. Recently, Elizabeth has discovered that she is the reincarnation of the monster’s lover and has been struggling with the uncanny feelings she has for him. Elizabeth is horrified by these feelings and remains determined to put an end to Strahd once and for all.

Elizabeth Talbot

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