Edward Talbot

Elizabeth's father, whose disappearance drew Elizabeth to Borovia.


Class: Wizard [Necromancer]
LG Male Human (Cormish)
45 years old

In the Campaign:

Chapter 1: Welcome to Borovia
Edward Talbot, a lawyer known for “defending the people”, was summoned to a country in the distant east of Oceana for a job and client he did not divulge to his doting daughter, Elizabeth.

After six months, the letters stopped coming.

Two years later, Elizabeth received another letter that referenced events that never happened and people they did not know. Hidden in the gibberish was a message that read “Help” and “Borovia”.

This event set the events of The Curse of Strahd into motion.

Chapter 2: Death House
It was discovered that someone matching Edward’s description met a Neverran in a bright orange coat about two years ago before going east.

Later, during their exploration of the decrepit Durst Estate, Elizabeth and her company discovered a box beneath a bed in the cult’s dungeon containing Edward’s affects, including his Spellbook, thus revealing his status as a secret wizard.

Chapter 3: The Fortune Teller
After a quick read-through of Edward’s spellbook, Milton divulged to Elizabeth that many of the spells were necromancy.

Later, during Madame Eva’s tarokka reading, Elizabeth found out that Edward was “in the depths of darkness, in the one place the Devil must return”.

During Elizabeth’s time with the Hag, she spent a great deal of time with a phantasmal image of her father while under a trance. This was revealed to be a well-dressed skeleton.

Chapter 4: The City of False Smiles
Elizabeth met “Santiago Montoya” after he arrived to assist her and Milton in fighting a group of cultists. After the battle, Elizabeth theorized about “Montoya” being the man Madame Eva foretold as their ally against Strahd.

“Montoya” then revealed his connection to Edward and disclosed that he was probably dead (in his own opinion, anyway).

Chapter 7: The Mad House of St. Markovia
Edward came up in conversation between Elizabeth and Van Richten. Edward made Van Richten Elizabeth’s God-Father, evidently, before their falling out.


Edward Talbot is a lawyer, one who defended poor and disenfranchised clients, often against corrupt businessmen, slum lords and worse. He was not especially wealthy, but he was seen as a good man, though his standing with some of the more influential members of Yorkish society looked down on him due to his trade.

He has been described by his daughter as “the best man she ever knew” and by his good friend Pennyworth Fandango as smart, resourceful, brave and capable. The mysterious man known only as “Santiago Montoya” described Talbot as “a damn fool…but a good man”.

Edward served in the military for a short time before becoming an adventurer. During this time, he traveled with Pennyworth Fandango—once a famous thief—and “Montoya”, swordsman extraordinaire. It seems Edward practiced necromancy during this time, but maintained his reputation as a just, fair man among his companions.

It is unknown exactly what his reasons were for traveling to Borovia, be they to defeat Strahd or some other purpose.

Edward Talbot

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