Doru Grigorvich

Son of Father Donavich and gravedigger.


Male Human (Barovian)
19 years old

In the Campaign:

Chapter 2: Death House
Doru was present when Elizabeth and Ismark met with his father about burying the former burgomaster. Doru was immediately taken with Elizabeth, thinking her the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. He insisted his father acquiesce to Ismark’s request, partly because he wanted to impress Elizabeth.

He dug the grave in record time and while he was not a part of the mourning party, observed the funeral from the shade of a nearby tree, shovel in hand.

When the fog rolled in and a swarm of bats interrupted the funeral, ushering in a zombie attack, Doru leapt in and helped them fight back with no hesitation, fighting alongside Ismark and using his shovel to kill two zombies himself.

He marveled at the magic commanded by the lovely Elizabeth’s allies and fighting Strahd’s minions made him feel more alive than he ever had. When Strahd arrived, he did not falter or flee, instead standing firm.

When Strahd left, Doru’s father drove Elizabeth and her company away. Doru argued with his father for days afterward, their relationship strained.


Doru is a simple young man, who has a good work ethic. Since his father is the priest of Barovia Village, he has grown up devout.

He showed himself to be brave and surprisingly skilled in combat, using his shovel to fight against Strahd’s zombies. Doru is thinking of striking out to fight evil like Elizabeth and her friends, a thought that terrified Father Donavich.

Doru Grigorvich

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