Danika Markitov

Wife of Urwin Markitov and Queen of the Wereravens.


Female Wereraven (Borovian)
36 years old

In the Campaign:

Chapter 4: City of False Smiles
Danika helped Elizabeth settle into her room, having her son Alexi draw her a bath while she cleaned Elizabeth’s feet and mending her cuts and bruises using healing magic.

Danika opened up to Elizabeth about how difficult life was in Vallaki; she hated the Baron and the town’s Happiness Laws made her miserable, but Vallaki is the only home she and her husband have ever known. Where else would they go? Elizabeth proved a great comfort to her during her moment of vulnerability.

They discussed the Blue Water Inn’s wine shortage and Elizabeth agreed to help find their shipment.

Danika left in a hurry and Elizabeth managed to overhear Danika’s conversation with a wereraven scout, where it was revealed that Danika is, evidently, Queen of the Wereravens in Barovia.

Chapter 5: Festival of the Blazing Sun
Danika and her husband were present in the town square during the parade; they were forced to be there because of their children. They watched in horror as the Baron arrested Elizabeth and her company, and hung Hans.

It was Danika who helped arrange the warehouse that the party used as their safehouse after their escape.

She was not present for the Feast of St. Andrel, as she had to look after the Blue Water Inn and was greatly saddened to learn of the massacre. She and Urwin helped lead the recovery effort and promised to look after Elizabeth’s injured friends over the night.

The next day, she presented the party with some small provisions and bade them a fond farewell as they left for Lake Zarovich.

Chapter 6: Old Bonegrinder
Danika was mentioned by Falkon during his warning outside of the windmill.


Danika is kind, soft-spoken and helpful, with a generous heart. She is good at numbers and is very detail oriented; she covers the management aspects of operating the Blue Water Inn with her husband.

Danika is a wereraven with some knowledge of Elizabeth’s party and their quest, but has ordered her scouts to maintain a stance of observation and to not get involved in their affairs for the time being. She tends to treat Elizabeth like her own daughter and she is quite fond of the sweet young lady.

Danika Markitov

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