Baron Vargas Vallakovich (Deceased)

The delusional, psychotic former burgomaster of Vallaki.


Male Human (Borovian)
46 years old

In the Campaign:

Chapter 4: City of False Smiles
The Baron locked Hans in the jail cells located in the basement of his manor for “malicious unhappiness”.

He later met with Elizabeth in his study and talked at length about his goal of “freeing the people of Vallaki through complete happiness” and while things were tense, it appeared that he came to see reason; Vallakovich agreed to release the prisoners in the stockades during the Festival of the Burning Sun, two days from then and invited her as his guest of honor.

Chapter 5: Festival of the Blazing Sun
The Baron bumbled around his wife’s tea-and-sandwich party and kind of had a half-conversation with Elizabeth and Ireena Kolyana. When Elizabeth returned to her room at the Blue Water Inn that night, she found a garish dress the Baron had bought her for the festival.

The next day, the Festival was basically rained out though he refused to just kind of stop. Varric laughed at his efforts, causing him to tie the bard by the ankles and wrists, tie him to his horse in order to drag him along the ground as he rides. Elizabeth intervened and, in the end, Elizabeth, Alistair, Duo and Varric were arrested and he ordered Hans hung.

It was revealed that the Baron was fearing an uprising and used the strangers’ arrival as an excuse to show the people of Vallaki what happens when you go against him. He had his prisoners stashed at his manor while he attended the festival.

Baron Vallakovich was present during the Feast of St. Andrel, which was crashed by Strahd, his vampire servants and a cloud of bats. The Baron and his wife were both killed by Strahd; the vampire tore out the Baron’s heart with his bare hands.

His body was dragged outside and hung from the front of the church by the vampire and kept their by the burgomaster, Lady Fiona Wachter, as a message to any dissenters. It’s probably still there.


The burgomaster of Vallaki, Vargas Vallakovich was a ruthless man who prided himself on his breeding and finely honed leadership skills (neither of which were particularly accurate). He staged weekly celebrations to foster happiness and his “All will be well!” catchphrase had become a sad and tiresome punchline.

This stemmed from his delusions that if he could make everybody in Vallaki happy that they would “ascend” and escape Barovia, free of Strahd’s dark grasp. Those who spoke ill of the festivals or of the Baron himself were declared to be in league with “the Devil of Ravenloft” and were thrown in the stocks for “malicious unhappiness”. Others were instead taken to the private jail cells underneath his manor.

Vallakovich trusted his henchman, Izek Strazni, above all others.

Baron Vargas Vallakovich (Deceased)

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