Seer and child of Luvash.


Female Human (Vistani)
7 years old

In the Campaign:

Chapter 6: Old Bonegrinder
Elizabeth and her friends arrived at the Vistani camp north of Vallaki and found out the camp was in a flurry trying to find Arabella in the woods, as she had apparently gone missing a week before.

Elizabeth eventually found her in a cage in the windmill known as Old Bonegrinder, where the Hags had been making their Dream Pastries from the bones of children. Arabella kept very close to Elizabeth the whole trip back, as she was the only one Arabella felt safe around, though Arabella was also seemingly the least affected by the whole ordeal.

When they returned to the vistani camp, Arabella ran to her father’s arms.

Chapter 7: Mad House of St. Markovia
The next morning, Arabella joined her father and the dusk elves seeing Elizabeth’s company off as they made their way to Krezk. Arabella told Elizabeth the vision she’d had where she would experience great heartbreak before defeating Strahd, but also not to give up hope. She gave Elizabeth a tarroka card; the Seer.


Arabella is a sweet young girl who is surprisingly mature for her age. As a vistani, she is poised and cool in the face of danger.

She does not have a lot of friends, as her role as a seer makes it difficult to interact with or relate to other kids her age. She doesn’t really play with them but just sits and looks at her tarroka cards.


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