Charismatic vistani ally.


Male Human (Vistani)
28 years old

In the Campaign:

Chapter 2: Death House
Elizabeth and her company met Alenko at the Blood of the Vine tavern. Of the three vistani present, Alenko was the most charismatic and was the only one to communicate with them. He proved helpful and often had a hasty drink whenever he swung by to speak with them.

Chapter 3: The Fortune Teller
Alenko informed the company that his cousin Sorva was ill with the flu and spent the better part of a week tending to him. After Sorva recovered, Alenko and the other vistani led the party back to the Vistani camp at Tsere Falls, and it was due to his endorsement that they were granted passage.

During the party, Alenko drank heavily with Varric and he danced with Elizabeth after her reading.

The next morning, Alenko gave the party a map to Vallaki and wished them luck.


Alenko is charismatic, amicable and has a deep love of wine and merry-making. He is knowledgeable about the Barovian countryside and has a very solid grasp on the Common tongue.

He is accepting of outsiders and as such often travels to Barovia village to trade with Bildrath Cantemir, who owns the mercantile.He is helpful and generous when he has the opportunity.


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