Abbot Christian Frankovich

Mad scientist and former abbot.


Male Human (Borovian)
26 years old

In the Campaign:

Chapter 7: Mad House of St. Markovia
Regarded by others around the village of Krezk as something of an eccentric, the Abbott of St. Markovia’s Abbey is said to be a learned man, in medicine, magic and spiritual matters. As such, he is recommended to Elizabeth by the burgomaster of Krezk to see to Milton, who had just suffered a werewolf attack.

Elizabeth later met with the Abbott, who explained the realities of lycanthropy to her. He then persistently tried to convince Elizabeth to spend the night away from the abbey, to no avail. Later that night, Milton had an episode of Lunacy—a condition that comes with lycanthropy, especially before the first change—and the Abbot failed to calm him down before Elizabeth arrived.

At some point during the night or early morning, the Abbot caught Calos snooping around the abbey in rat form, forced him to resume elf form and with Clovin’s help, subdued the druid and experimented on him.

When Elizabeth and her companions stormed the abbey later that day, they found the Abbott had been experimenting on dead bodies and abducted travelers for months, creating unholy abominations and animal/human hybrids. It was also revealed that the village’s current state came from his selling of the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind for magical power.

Worse still, they discovered the Abbott in an operating room in the bowels beneath the abbey. The Abbot used a strange machine that used electricity and Calos’ life force to bring a terrible creation, a monstrosity, a Prometheus, to life and ordered it to kill Elizabeth and her friends to test its strength.

When the tide of the battle turned against him, the Abbot turned invisible and fled, using a Suggestion to incapacitate Hans and escaped using a concealed teleportation circle.

His current whereabouts are unknown.


The Abbott is not just eccentric, he’s downright psychotic. An obsession with death, brought on by the bleak and hopeless land in which he was born has led to his experimenting with the dead bodies of others in an effort to create the perform lifeform, to master death and use it against Strahd.

Awkward, creepy and off-putting, the Abbott has made few friends and the abbey has few visitors, even from the devout townsfolk of Krezk. His obsession with the dark arts and death has led him to study a wide variety of subjects, including monsters and as such is considered an authority on all things monstrous around Borovia. His clerical training included medical training, and as such, he is the go-to medical expert in the Krezk area. He is also a skilled surgeon and wizard, though few are aware of these skills, which he utilizes to create his army of mongrelmen.

He wholly believes that his mission is righteous and that he is a good man. They might call him mad today but history will remember him as a hero, he is sure of it. The incident at the abbey was merely a setback in his mind and he toils to perfect his process.

Abbot Christian Frankovich

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